Moose Hunt:   Trophy Of A Lifetime
If you’re a big game hunter in New Brunswick, Canada the Trophy of a life time would be the Moose. Its not easy getting drawn for the 3 day only hunt and I was totally surprised when I had checked and found I had won the draw! Flo was going after her moose.  (Added October 28,2005)

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Maggie, a long time friend and fishing and hunting buddy of mine and I were lucky to hook up with Tom Curry and Wayne King for my hunt. Wayne owns and guides out of Munson’s Landing Lodge. The lodge has all the comforts of home and is located in the Miramichi/Dungarvon hunting at its best. Wayne goes way beyond to ensure his sports are comfortable, safe, and foremost have a successful hunt…right now Wayne has 100% success rate ! Check out his web site at or email Wayne at

Prior to the hunt Wayne and Tom were in checking for sign and assessing where might be the optimum spot for our crows nest. Finding good active scrapes, fresh tracks and bushes ravaged, there was no doubt in their minds if it were going to happen, here would offer the best odds. They put up the crows nests and hung scent pads the day before. We were as ready as we could be.

Into the crows nest at dawn there was a light wind blowing and we hoped it wouldn’t get any windier. Wayne was my designated second gun for the hunt. Up in our crows nest and about 300 yds or so from each other we had an excellent view of the cut.

Tom, an expert caller, sent out the first cow wail. It was music to the ears! Shortly after, Wayne answered back with a bull call. Wait ..listen .. our eyes scanned the cut hoping a dark shape would appear. Wait.. call..listen.. about every twenty minutes or so. This went on for the first hour and a half into the hunt. Then from behind us far back into the woods there came a ticking of antler tines on branches, faint but no doubt about it we were getting a response. Another call, Yessss!… the sounds of antlers on branches were louder .. my bull was coming in. I whispeedr to Tom…“ Tom send out one more call, “ He gave it his all and immediately the Bull sent back a bark, then another louder one and another. My bull was coming in fast now and he had a mission on his mind.

It seemed then that it all happened so quickly. I could actually smell his rutting scent and there he stood not 30 yards behind us ..I felt calm.. I couldn’t believe it. I had my gun up choosing my spot to send the first bullet as he hadn’t stepped out far enough from behind the trees, then bang into the shoulder it went. Then as he turned slightly and took a couple of steps I fired the second bullet into him. It penetrated his lungs and put him down hard! It took two shots from the Ruger 308 at 2 hours into the first day of the hunt and I had my Trophy of a Life time!

He was a BIG with some 660 lbs of meat for the freezer that would provide us all with some Mighty tasty meals. My bull took the Largest Bull Trophy at Edmund MaGraff’s Butcher shop. This hunt was well organized. We planned the hunt and hunted the plan.

I especially want to thank Wayne, Tom and Maggie for all the help, support and experience in making this dream hunt come true. It was great fun and I wish for you all to have such a successful hunt!

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